This type of storyline is starting to make headlines.

These companies seem to have been startups just recently. Notice theses are all B2C companies. More importantly, they all share the idea that they don’t need to make or own a physical product to be the most valuable asset (or brand) in the eyes of the consumer. Therefore I wonder if existing companies could transform their business model to become that valuable link from the customer’s standpoint. Do these sharing economy, collaborative consumption or access over ownership companies have to start from the ground-up? When is a major player going to step-up and launch a radical spin-off to upend the game?

I guess that PWC sees value in consulting work to help existing companies think about these issues. Here’s their report in video format.

Consumer Intelligence Series: The sharing economy: PwC.

April 2015

Consumer Intelligence Series

At a glance

By unlocking the sharing economy today, can companies transform today’s threat into tomorrow’s opportunity? What must incumbents and challengers do to position themselves ahead of disruption and to capitalize on new sources of revenue? Through consumer surveys, conversations with influencers, interviews with business executives and social listening, PwC’s research presents a holistic view of what’s unfolding across business and consumer landscapes.

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